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Worried about pregnancy clothes? Before buying a bunch of maternity clothes, read this article for tips on how to save money on pregnancy clothes. Use these ideas to make your maternity wardrobe stylish and save money when shopping for pregnancy clothes.

One of the most challenging things about pregnancy is finding pregnancy clothes you want to wear. As your baby grows inside of you, it is quite likely that you will grow out of many of the clothes that you wear now. However, you don’t have to rush out and buy an expensive new maternity wardrobe, especially since you don’t know when you will be using those pregnancy clothes again. Instead, approach pregnancy clothes slowly, and carefully, considering what you would like, and what you are likely to wear.

Pregnancy clothing basics

For the most part, you really only need to buy a few basic things to mix and match. Some popular pregnancy clothes basics include stretchy black leggings, a long tunic style top, an over-sized solid colored tee, a skirt, drawstring comfortable pants and black slacks with a pregnancy panel. You might also consider jeans with a pregnancy panel. These are items that you can look for on clearance, or second hand for cheap pregnancy clothes.

The good news is that pregnancy clothes are normally kept in good shape, since they are not worn for very long. This means that buying them at a thrift store or a consignment shop isn’t a bad idea. You might even be able to find these items at a yard sale. You can save a great deal of money when you take the time to shop around for your pregnancy clothes basics.

One item that you should not skimp on is a good bra. You want a pregnancy bra that fits properly and provides comfortable support. You might need to get a few of these. One thing you can do to increase the cost-efficiency is to get nursing bras for your third trimester; you can use them after the baby is born. There are fit consultants who can help your find a bra that fits properly, and it is worth it to take advantage of this type of professional.

Some women like to buy larger panties for their pregnancies, and that is fine. If you are worried about support for your growing belly, you can purchase a support band to wear underneath your outside pregnancy clothes and take some of the strain off your back.

Maternity wardrobe

After you have the basics, you can begin thinking about what else you can wear while pregnant. First of all, you might not even need to wear larger pregnancy clothes until into your second trimester. So see how long you can go before you have to start buying something else. If you have some clothes that you like to wear, a favorite top, for example, you can simply buy that style in the next size or two up. That way, it can still be worn after your pregnancy while you work on losing the extra pregnancy weight. Other things you can do include raiding your partner’s closet for larger pregnancy clothes (especially lounging around the house clothes) and borrowing from friends and relatives who have been pregnant in the past. One growing style is to pair an oversized button down shirt with black leggings. You can wear some of your partner’s shirts with leggings, and be stylish while pregnant.

Your wardrobe can start to get boring after a while, so look for ways to spice it up a little bit. Keep an eye out for sales on accessories. You can freshen up your tunic shirt by wearing it with your leggings and then adding a scarf, or by wearing a new pair of dangly earrings. Strands of beads worn as necklaces can also spruce up an outfit. Consider your options, and look for ways to make things a little more fun.

You will also have to consider your shoes. During pregnancy, your feet are likely to swell. This means you might need larger shoes. Buy some slip-ons in this case. They are easy to manage in the later stages of pregnancy. There are a number of ballet flats and other slip on type shoes and sandals that can be worn in the later stages of pregnancy.

In the end, you need to consider your budget, your personal style, and what you want in a maternity wardrobe. With proper planning, though, you can limit the amount of money you spend on pregnancy clothes.

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