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A healthy pregnancy starts early. Taking care of yourself while pregnant by eating right, exercising, and avoiding addictive substances can help insure you have a healthy pregnancy. Keep reading for prenatal and pregnancy tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Even before your baby is born, he or she is experiencing a great deal of growth and development. If you want to increase the chances that you will have a healthy, happy baby, you will need to take steps to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. You want a good start and a solid foundation for your child, and taking good care of yourself during pregnancy is the best way to provide that. While a healthy pregnancy won’t guarantee that your child will be perfectly healthy, it can increase the chances that things will go right. Here are some things to consider so that you have a healthy pregnancy:

Before you get pregnant

The reality is that a healthy pregnancy actually starts before you get pregnant. Good health practices can help with conception (although it doesn’t guarantee it), and being healthy now, before you are pregnant can help your body prepare itself for pregnancy. Some things you can do before you are pregnant in order to promote good pregnancy health include:

  • Talk to your health care provider about taking a prenatal vitamin. Find out if it is appropriate for you. If you are trying to get pregnant, stocking up on the nutrients your body will need pregnancy might be a good idea.
  • Follow healthy dietary guidelines. Make an effort to improve your eating habits, and get enough fruits and vegetables. Try to eat whole grains, and make sure that you are getting adequate dairy and protein.
  • Start an exercise program. Your body will handle exercise during pregnancy much better if you start ahead of time. Start increasing your fitness level now, for better results while you are pregnant.
  • Quit bad habits. If you are smoking, it is best to quit before you get pregnant. Also, you can reduce your alcohol intake, and cut back on caffeine prior to pregnancy. If you are taking powerful prescription drugs, or engaged in illegal drugs, it is best to quit if you plan to get pregnant. Get help from your health care provider on how you should proceed.

It is also a good idea to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for a healthly pregnancy. Make sure that you are working through any issues you might have, and that you are preparing yourself for the emotional strain that can come with pregnancy. Getting adequate sleep, taking time for things that you enjoy, and relaxation or meditation can be helpful.

During pregnancy

It is important to continue healthy habits during pregnancy. You want to have a healthy pregnancy, so if you haven’t stopped some of your unhealthy habits prior to getting pregnant, now is the time to quit. Alcohol and smoking, along with taking other habit forming substances, can negatively impact fetal development. It is a good idea to avoid these substances as much as possible during pregnancy.

You should make sure you are sleeping well, and getting the right nutrition. If you are experiencing morning sickness, let your health care provider know. He or she might have some ideas of how you can still get the food you need, but without as much of the queasiness. Try to make sure that you are getting enough of the right foods, and avoid some foods (like some fish high in mercury) that might interfere with your baby’s development. Your health care provider can offer you guidance for a healthly pregnancy.

Finally, exercise can be a good way to continue healthy habits during pregnancy. Regular pregnancy exercise keeps you healthy and strong. Just realize that some exercises should not be done during pregnancy. You should avoid lying on your stomach or flat on your back. Some yoga poses may be inappropriate during pregnancy, and some sports, like mountain biking, should be avoided. Consult your health care provider about different things you can do to modify your workout routine so that it doesn’t interfere negatively with fetal growth and development.

Having a baby is an exciting time. However, you should remember that your child is extremely vulnerable while he or she is inside your womb. You need to do your best to have  a healthy pregnancy so that the fetus has a better chance of healthy development, and so that it will emerge a happy, healthy baby when the birth day arrives.

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